klover영문로고will protect the value of a brand company from fakes.

Klover aims to distinguish a genuine product prior to purchase by recognizing a tag directly printed on a packing box with a smartphone and is a total service for confirmation on genuine products comprised of a printed genuine product recognition security tag, a free genuine product recognition app and distribution-tracing web.

Technological background

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Why is Klover needed?

  • The counterfeit market is growing by 20 to 30% every year
  • Distribution of fakes causes serious problems to corporate brand image and sales
  • Material/psychological damage for consumers who purchased fakes and reduced confidence in companies
  • There is no means of preventing counterfeit that can satisfy both brand companies and consumers

Concern of brand companies

Isn’t there any affordable,
but still attractive,
genuine-product-recognition service?

Klover Service Features

Introduction effects of
Klover Service

Effects of introduction of
Klover Service