Privacy Policy

[ Privacy Policy ]

​1.The company collects personal information such as name, contact information, company name, industry sector, email address and contents of inquiries in order to accurately and effectively process related inquiries.

​Personal information is collected through user entry in web documents on the website (, and some information can be obtained through printed paper documents or email.

​2.Purpose of collection and use of personal information

Response to inquiries and transmission of related materials

3.Sharing and provision of personal information

The company shall use personal information as specified in “2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information” and shall not disclose users’ personal information without prior approval in principle, provided that it shall make an exception for the following. – If a customer making an inquiry agrees to disclosure in advance – If it is deemed to be requested with good intentions in accordance with laws and regulations (For example, if it is requested by the government/investigative institutions based on due process in accordance with related laws and regulations.)

4.Entrustment of handling of privacy policy

The company shall not entrust outsiders with handling personal information. If it is deemed to be necessary, the parties concerned shall be notified about subjects of entrustment and entrusted matters, and prior consent shall be acquired if need be.

5.Period of preservation and utilization of personal information

Information on inquiries shall be saved as corporate customer information, and if it is needed for the purpose of recruitment, it may be used when promoting our products or making a business proposition. If it is requested to delete personal information via email specified as below, it shall be immediately removed.

6.Procedures for and how personal information is destroyed

Personal information on customers making inquiries shall be immediately destroyed in principle as soon as the purpose of collection and use of personal information is fulfilled. The company shall destroy pertinent personal information in accordance with the following procedures and methods.

A. Procedures for destruction – If questions were answered, they shall be transferred to a separate database (a separate filling cabinet) and stored for a certain period of time before destruction in accordance with internal guidelines and other related laws and regulations. Personal information shall not be used for other purposes than preservation unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

B. Method of destruction – Personal information printed on paper shall be shredded with a shredder or destroyed through incineration, and personal information saved in electronic files shall be deleted through the use of a technical method that makes it impossible to reproduce records.

7.Rights of customers making inquiries and how to exercise rights

Customers making inquiries may request that their information be deleted at any time. If they don’t want to delete their information, make sure to contact personnel in charge of personal information via a letter, a phone call or an email so that we can take appropriate measures without delay.

8.Technical/administrative protective measures for personal information

When handling personal information offered by customers making inquiries, the company shall take the following technical/administrative measures for the purpose of enhanced security by preventing loss, theft, leakage, falsification or damage of personal information.

A. Technical measures
The company frequently backs up information in order to prevent personal information from being damaged or violated and keeps personal information or data from being leaked or damaged through the use of the latest anti-virus program.

B. Administrative measures
The company emphasizes the importance of protecting personal information through education offered to personnel in charge of handling personal information and makes efforts to resolve problems upon detection by frequently checking out to see if guidelines for privacy policy have been observed by pertinent personnel. The company shall not be responsible for leakage or damage of personal information caused by inquirers’ fault or carelessness or inherent risks of the Internet.

9.Privacy Protection Manager

The company designates the Privacy Protection Manager in charge of collecting opinions on personal information and handling complaints, and the contact information shall be as follows.

[Privacy Protection Manager]
– Name: Robert Lee
– Affiliation: Technology Research Center
– Position: Senior Researcher
– Tel: 02-2135-6370
– E-mail: robert@globallinke​