kloverFrequently asked questions in regard to Klover Service.

Q. What kind of service is Klover?2018-03-06T16:17:11+00:00


Klover aims to check a genuine product prior to purchase through recognition of a tag directly printed on a packing box with a smartphone and consists of a print-type genuine -product-recognition security tag, a free genuine-product-recognition app and a distribution-tracing web as a total service.

Q. How much time does it take to produce a Klover Tag?2018-02-21T11:55:37+00:00


Since Klover Tag adopts customized designs befitting a brand image, it takes about 2 to 3 days to produce a tag after confirmation on the design.

Q. Is it possible to adjust the design and size of a tag?2018-02-21T11:55:50+00:00


Yes, tag design can be customized through the use of appropriate brand image. (Applicability of CI/BI/real image)
– The minimum size of a Klover Tag is 13mm*13mm, and the maximum size is 19.6mm*19.6mm.

[Klover QR]
1. Standard size of QR tag
– Size of outline : 16x16mm
– Thickness of outline : 0.4mm
– Size of QR tag : 13.8×13.8mm​

2. The minimum size of QR tag
– Size of outline : 13x13mm
– Thickness of outline : 0.4mm
– Size of QR tag : 11x11mm​

3. The maximum size of QR tag
– Size of outline : 19x19mm
– Thickness of outline : 0.4mm
– Size of QR tag : 16.6×16.6mm

Q. What makes Klover different from other technology?2018-02-21T11:56:01+00:00


① The price is 50% or more reduced compared to other technologies (Sticker-type, NFC/RFID, hologram and etc.).
② It is directly printed on a packing box to prevent the risk of partial counterfeit.
③ It adopts a customized design befitting brand marketing instead of a clumsy design unrelated to the product.
④ It boasts of enhanced security based on about 10 different counterfeit prevention technologies.

Q. How can Klover be actually applied to products?2018-02-21T11:56:18+00:00


Klover Service can be usefully applied to various industrial areas. It can be directly printed on clothing price tags, care labels, various cosmetic cases, mask packs, medical boxes, pharmaceutical boxes and packing boxes of home appliances and offered in the form of a sticker.

Q. Where can I download Klover?2018-03-06T18:30:26+00:00


Klover App supports Android and iOS smartphones. You can conveniently download it by searching Klover on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Q. How can I use the Klover App?2018-03-14T13:53:08+00:00


Klover Genuine-Product-Recognition App Download/Start → Horizontally maintain smartphone and tag and place it in a square → Automatic recognition → Confirm a genuine product
※ Note – If a tag was damaged or a product is suspected to be a fake, it might not be recognized.

Q. What precautions need to be used when photographing a tag?2018-03-14T13:54:21+00:00


① Since it is impossible to recognize tags with other companies’ or general QR codes App.
② It is difficult to recognize a tag under too much lighting, in a direct ray of the sun or in a dark environment, and it might result in inaccurate results.
③ If you horizontally place a tag according to guidelines for photography, you can get accurate results.
④ If there’s a message requesting recognition of a tag again, make sure to attempt to recognize it once again.

Q. Is it possible to recognize Klover QR with a general QR code app?2018-02-21T12:13:52+00:00


General QR code does not include security. Klover QR Service includes addition of a genuine-product-recognition function to 2D bar code and can be recognized only with the Klover QR App.

[Klover QR Download]

Q. I want to get advice. What should I do?2018-03-06T16:20:10+00:00


If you leave questions on Klover online or give us a call, we will contact you as soon as possible.