Composition of service

klover영문로고is the most optimized genuine-product-recognition service that can help brand companies resolve their problems caused by fakes. It consists of a genuine-product-recognition security tag, a smartphone-based genuine-product-recognition app and distribution-tracing web.

Genuine-product-recognition security tag

  • Print-type tag (Sticker-type available if necessary)
  • Applicability of customized design befitting brand image
  • Hologram-like gradation and 2D/3D expression
  • Application in combination with QR Code
  • Application of counterfeit prevention security technology
  • Individual serial number system per tag

Tag type

Klover Service
A genuine-product-recognition tag directly printed on a packing box through the use of image desired by a customer.

Klover QR Service
Addition of genuine-product-recognition function to the existing 2D bar code used by a client company.

Counterfeit prevention security technology


Security print pattern

보안레벨 : ★★★★★

  • Application of precision printing technology
  • Application of 5 to 10 security printing technologies
  • Optimized recognition of universal smartphone cameras

Copy prevention pattern

보안레벨 : ★★★★★

  • Appearance of hidden letters at time of illegal copy of tag
  • Fundamental prevention of copy

Embossed printing & coating

보안레벨 : ★★★★★

  • Technology aimed to apply embossing to a print tag
  • Partial application to products and tags

UV print

보안레벨 : ★★★★★

  • Application of special UV ink to printed tag area
  • Detection of coated ink through a counterfeit detector

Fine letters

보안레벨 : ★★★★★

  • Fine letters that cannot be discerned with the naked eye
  • Disappearance of letters in case of a duplicated tag

Genuine-product-recognition App

  • Android/iPhone-supported & multi-languages (Korean/Chinese/English)
  • Tag counterfeit-discernment algorithm
  • Additional provision of genuine-product-recognition function to a client company app in the form of library
  • Report of fakes

Distribution-tracing web

  • Real-time product tracing through the use of smartphone GPS
  • Provision of statistics on counterfeit-discernment authentication (Period/Type/Location and etc.)
  • Real-time analysis reporting (Provision of dash-board function)