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A collection of frequently asked questions about the Klover service.

  • A Klover is the most well-suited Authenticity Checking service for all the brand enterprises troubled by imitation goods.
    Authenticity Checking label, mobile certification app, distribution tracking web, and marketing service make up our service.
  • A Since Klover’s authenticity labels are tailor designed for your brand, we will deliver the labels to you within a week after your confirmation on the solution design.
  • A Yes, you can.
    Extended area other than the image and the QR code area can be freely adjusted for both Klover and KloverQR.
  • A [ Label Printed Directly to the Package ]
    - One-stop printing of the certification label when making the product boxing (patent unique to us in Korea)
    - Can be applied in variety of ways such as booking box, cloth care label & hanging tag, and QA card

    [ Excellent Design ]
    - Pretty certification label unique to the brand tailor designed using CI/BI/real image
    - Applicable both for sticker type and direct printing type

    [ Affordable Price ]
    - Introduction price lower by 50% or more than hologram and NFC/RFID
    - Free certification app offered (multi-language support: Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.)

    [ Strong Counterfeit Protection ]
    - Around 10 anti-counterfeit technologies and secure printing technique make a stronger security
    - Partial anti-counterfeit effect when direct printed to the packaging

    [ Distribution Tracking ]
    - Tracing when and to where the product is being distributed using smartphone’s GPS sensor
    - Offer real-time analysis data

    [ Marketing Service ]
    - Provide a platform where the consumers can get connected with various contents after an authenticity check
    - Utilizing the brand promotion channels such as malls, promotion video, events, and social
  • A Klover is a service applicable for a variety of industries.
    (Cosmetics/beauties, fashion/clothing, shoes, medicines, electronics, foods, liquors, living, children’s, miscellaneous goods, etc.)
    It can be applied with a design you want at packaging, QA card, actual product, clothing’s care label & hanging tag, etc.
  • A [ Klover ]
    Search ‘Klover’ at a store below and get the app.
    google play app store one store baidu 360

    [ KloverQR ]
    You can check the authenticity with every QR scanners such as WeChat, Baidu, and Naver.
  • A [ Klover ]
    Download the app -> launch the app and scan the certification label on a product -> automatically recognized -> authenticity certified
    [ KloverQR ]
    Remove the film of the certification label and scan the QR code -> check the url of the redirected page ( -> input 6 digits code at the certification screen -> authenticity certified.
  • A If you have any question to us, leave it via online/phone call/KakaoTalk and we will reach you as soon as possible.