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KloverQR Service(Checking with QR)

Klover QR is a service where a consumer can scan the authenticity label with generic QR scanner and check the authenticity.

KloverQR Service

A method to check the authenticity by scanning the authenticity label of the product with generic QR scanners

  • · Authenticity label design: Not a boring generic QR, but with various additional designs on the flim paper (using CI/BI/actual image)
  • · Authenticity checking with all the QR scanners such as WeChat, Baidu, and Naver
  • · Multiple language support for Korean/Chinese/English/Vietnamese, etc.

Authenticity Label Standard Size

  • · For basic/extended label QR area is minimum 11*11(mm) and maximum 19*19(mm)
  • · Extended area beside the QR area can be freely adjusted

Standard Size

  • Basic type
  • Horizontal type
  • Vertical type

Label Types

  • ※ Sticker-type label: either film on top of QR code or scratch method
  • ※ Various designs can be applied at the film paper, and the removed film paper cannot be reattached
  • ※ Additional options of opening prevention/shredding available

Authenticity Label Design Sample

  • · You can create an authenticity label with various designs that represent your brand.

How to Check the Authenticity


Remove the film paper or scratch from the authenticity label and scan the QR code
*All QR scanners applicable such as WeChat/Baidu/Naver


After scanning the QR code check the url of the redirected authenticity check image and input the 6 digit code on the checking screen


Check the authenticity