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Klover Service(Checking through the App)

Klover is a service where a consumer can scan the authenticity label (image area) with the app to check the authenticity of the product.

Klover Service

Checking the authenticity by reading the image area of the authenticity label using 'Klover App’.

  • · Authenticity label design: image authenticity label (using CI/BI/real image) that shows the brand identity
  • · App download: download for free at Play Store, AppStore, OneStore, Baidu, and 360 Market
  • · Multi-language support: Korean/Chinese/English/Vietnamese etc.

Authenticity Label Standard Size

  • · For basic/extended labels the image area is minimum 13*13(mm) and maximum 19*19(mm).
  • · The minimum image area of rectangle label is 23*10(mm).
  • · Extended area besides the image area can be freely adjusted.

Standard Size

  • Basic
  • Basic(serial)
  • Rectangle
  • Horizontally Extended
  • Vertically Extended

Kinds of Label

  • ※ Choose 1 between label printed directly at the packaging / sticker style
  • ※ leaf design can be added (gold leaf, silver leaf, bronze leaf, etc.)
  • ※ For sticker-style label: additional options such as opening prevention and shredding can be selected

Authenticity Label Design Sample

  • · You can make authenticity label in various designs that show your brand.

How to Check the Authenticity


Search ‘Klover’ and get the app.


Link to the Klover app
download page

google play app store one store baidu 360

Find the authenticity label at the product and scan it with Klover app.

  • ※ Put the label in the screen square and it will be recognized automatically.
  • ※ Keep the label and your smartphone flat.
  • ※ Use flash in dark.
  • ※ Avoid light reflection.

Check the Authenticity