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Applicable Business Fields

Klover is a service useful in various different fields


  • · To prevent counterfeits and parallel importing/illegal distribution of the exporting goods, you can put a certification label at cosmetic’s booking box, case, and containers.
    (Choose between direct print / sticker attachment)


  • · You can directly print authenticity certificate label at clothing’s care label and hanging tag
  • · You can save time and cost since there is no need of attaching the label and coating it afterward.
  • * Passed care label’s washing-resistance test
    No difference in the look and the Authenticity Checking function remains after washing

Consumer Electronics

  • · You can apply the Authenticity Checking label by printing directly to or attaching a sticker to the booking box or the product itself for IT/electronics.
  • · For IT/electronics that require after-sales service for the consumers, you can manage A/S as well through product registration functionality.


  • · To prevent counterfeit products and illegal distribution, you can apply Authenticity Checking label at product boxing and QA certificate
  • · You can do from Authenticity Checking to customer A/S management at once..


  • · You can apply the authenticity certificate label at packaging, boxing, container, etc. of your food.
  • · You can do from Authenticity Checking to distribution management at once.