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Analysis of Competing Technologies

Klover is a service with competitiveness with different technologies.

Analysis of Current Market

Counterfeit market growing by 30% every year

  • · Korea is the 12th largest counterfeit product market
  • · Counterfeits from China are causing many damages

High Price and High Error Rate of Authenticity Checking Technology

  • · Sticker-style tag needs additional attachment cost
  • · Error rate caused by attachment are and poor attachment

Difficulty in Countering Partial Copy

  • · Frequent problem of removing / counterfeiting only the tag
  • · Limit of the counterfeit checking technology of the current authenticity checking technology

Analysis of Competing Technologies

  • · Cost lower by 50% or more than other technologies
  • · Custom design suited for brand marketing
  • · Increased security through around 10 anti-counterfeit technologies
  • · Easy counterfeiting through H/W development
  • · Unable to distinguish genuine hologram from counterfeit hologram with naked eyes
2D Barcode
  • · Low introduction cost, but easy counterfeiting
  • · Unsophisticated design lowers the beauty of the product
  • · High introduction cost
  • · Low recognition rate as the frequency differs by countries
  • · Personal life violation problem