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Label Production Type

Klover offers tailor made design labels that best express your brand’s identity.
We offer strong anti-counterfeit service by applying variety of security options such as labels directly printed to the packaging and labels in stickers.

Label Printed Directly to the Package

A technology to print the authenticity label at the same time as making the package (developed first in Korea — patent holding)

  • · Unable to copy partially. Because they need to copy the entire packaging, it is highly anti-counterfeit.
  • · Since the printing is done at one stop, it costs less without any additional attachment price, and takes less errors and less production time
  • · Mandatorily printed at Klover’s secured printing cooperation companies
  • Packaging
  • QA Certificate
  • Voucher
  • Care Label
  • Hanging Tag

Sticker Label

Easily attach it to a packaging and container of domestic productions and imported goods

  • · Distribution management through serial number
  • · Can be applied easily for desired amount for previous products and new products
  • · Many options are applicable (basic/tearing prevented/scratching/shredding)
  • Mask pack
  • Various containers
  • Booking box
  • Various wrapping materials

Sticker Label Options

  • Basic Sticker
  • Tearing Prevented Sticker
  • Scratching Sticker
  • Shredding Sticker