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Service Composition

Klover is the most well-suited Authenticity Checking service that can solve the troubles brand businesses have by rip-offs.
It is comprised of Authenticity Checking security label, certification app, distribution tracking web, and marketing service.

Authenticity Checking Security Label

  • · Anti-counterfeit security technology and secured printing technology applied
  • · Choose between direct printing and sticker type
  • · Custom design to shows the brand identity is applicable (for all the designs)
  • · Choose between image type certification label and QR type certification label
  • · Individual serial number applicable

Anti-counterfeit Security Technology

Security Printing Pattern

security level ★★★★★

  • · Precision printing technique applied
  • · 5-10 different secure printing techniques applied
  • · Optimized for recognizing through all-purpose smartphone camera

Anti-Copy Patterns

security level ★★★★★

  • · Illegally copying the label will make hidden characters visible
  • · Can prevent copying from the ground up

Embossing printing & Coating

security level ★★★★★

  • · A technique to apply embossing to a printed label
  • · Can be applied to products and labels

UV Printing

security level ★★★★★

  • · Spread special UV ink on a printed label area
  • · Counterfeit validator can determine whether the ink has been spread or not

Micro Characters

security level ★★★★★

  • · Micro characters unrecognizable with naked eyes
  • · When copied, the characters will disappear

Authenticity Checking App

  • App install type
    certification after getting ‘Klover’ app through a store
    google play app store one store baidu 360
  • QR Certification type
    All-purpose QR scanners like WeChat/Baidu/Naver can certify the authenticity
  • Multi-language support
    Korean, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, etc.
  • Comes with counterfeit detection algorithms

Distribution Tracking Web

  • · Using the GPS sensor of smartphones, track the product location in real time
  • · Offer counterfeit checking statistics (duration/device/location etc.)
  • · Real-time analysis reporting (offer dash-board functionality)

Marketing Service

  • · Offer a mobile platform for brand promotion
  • · Can be connected with all the references such as promotional videos, social, malls, and event landing
  • · Can offer product registration and A/S management process (customer DB management)
  • · Can co-work with offline events like exhibitions