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Klover We will keep the value of your brand business from ripoffs.

상품을 보고 태그를 찾아서 정품 확인한다.
상품을 보고 태그를 찾아서 정품 확인한다.

What is Klover service?

  • A service to check the authenticity by customer’s scanning a authenticity label with their smartphone before purchasing
  • An excellent anti-counterfeit service with secure printing pattern/micro characters/anti-copy patterns etc.

Technological Background

Why Do You Need Klover?

  • · Counterfeit market growing by 20-30% every year
  • · Serious problem to the business brand image and sales through ripoff distribution
  • · Material and mental damage and lower trust of the company for the customers who bought a ripoff
  • · No anti-counterfeit method that can satisfy both brand businesses and customers

Concern of Brand Companies

“ Isn’t there an authenticity
checking service cheap, pretty,
and hard to counterfeit? ”

Strong Points of Klover’s Service

  • Label Printed Directly to the Package

    • · One-stop printing of the certification label when making the product boxing
      (patent unique to us in Korea)
    • · Can be applied in variety of ways such as booking box, cloth care label & hanging tag, and QA card
  • Excellent Design

    • · Pretty certification label unique to the brand tailor designed using CI/BI/real image
    • · Applicable both for sticker type and direct printing type
  • Affordable Price

    • · Introduction price lower by 50% or more than hologram and NFC/RFID
    • · Free certification app offered
      (multi-language support: Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.)
  • Strong Counterfeit Protection

    • · Around 10 anti-counterfeit technologies and secure printing technique make a stronger security
    • · Partial anti-counterfeit effect when direct printed to the packaging
  • Marketing Service

    • · Provide a platform where the consumers can get connected with various contents after an authenticity check
    • · Utilizing the brand promotion channels such as on-line malls, promotion video, events, and social
  • Distribution Tracking

    • · Tracing when and to where the product is being distributed using smartphone’s GPS sensor
    • · Offer real-time analysis data

Klover Service Introduction Effect