Personal Information Handling Policy

‘Global Linkers, Inc.’ (hereinafter ‘the Company’) values your personal information, and upholds the rules and regulations regarding “the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protect of Information.”

The Company, through the current policy, notifies you in what ways the personal information you provided is used and what kind of measures are taken to protect your personal information.

For any revisions of this policy by the Company, it will be shared through a notice board at the website (or noticed individually).

ο The current policy will be enacted from July 1, 2019

■ Collecting Personal Information
The Company collects the following personal information for purposes such as consulting.
  • [Product Inquiry]
    - Collecting data: name, e-mail, contact, cellphone, business name, department name, the field of business, inquiry detail
■ Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information
The Company utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes.
Fulfilling the contract regarding the service provision and Q&A for service provision
■ Duration of Holding and Using the Personal Information
By principle, we destroy the related information as soon as the purpose of collection and use is met.
However, we may keep your information for the duration specified in related rules and regulations if it is necessary to keep the information according to the rules and regulations.

Kept Information and Basis of Keeping it

  • - Preserving term of the records on the contracts or subscription withdrawal: 3 years
  • - Records on the contracts or subscription withdrawals: 5 years (E-Commerce Consumer Protection Act)
  • - Records on price settlement and provision of money, etc.: 5 years (E-Commerce Consumer Protection Act)
  • - Records on consumer complaints and dispute settlement: 3 years (E-Commerce Consumer Protection Act)
■ Procedure and Method of Destroying Personal Information
By principle, the Company terminates the correlated data as soon as the purpose of collection and use is met. The procedure and process of destruction are as follows.
  • - Destroying procedure
    The information You entered for purposes such as signing-up is to be moved to a separated database (a divided cabinet in case of paper) upon the meeting of the object, saved for certain amount of times according to the basis of keeping the personal information (refer to the keeping and its period) by internal policies and related regulations, and deleted afterward.
  • - Destroying method
    We delete the personal information saved as an electronic file using an unrecoverable technological method.
■ Offering of the Personal Information
The Company, by principle, does not share the personal information of users to the outside. However, the exceptions are as following:
For regulations from the related laws or a request of an investigating agency, following the method and procedure set in statutes, under the user agreement.
■ Consigning of the Collected Personal Information
The Company, to fulfill the service, is consigning the collected personal information to an outside professional business as following:
  • - Consignee: 3ANYINC., Inc.
  • - Detailed Tasks Consigned: Management of the site and the system (hosting/maintenance)
■ The User’s and their Legal Representative’s Rights and their Exercise
The user may always inquire of or modify their personal information and further request to resign their membership.
For a user to inquire of or modify their personal information, they should click ‘Modify Personal Information (or ‘Edit Member Information’), or ‘delete account’ to resign their membership, after having their identity checked.
Alternatively, if you can contact the person in charge of managing the personal information via letter, phone call, or e-mail, we will handle it without delay.
If you request for modification(s) of error(s) of your personal information, we won’t use or provide the year’s personal information until the change is finished.
Further, if the wrong personal information has been provided to a third party, we will notify them of the result of the modification without delay so that the adjustment could be made.
The Company is handling the resigned or deleted personal information by request from a user according to what is clarified at “Duration of the Holding and Using the Personal Information Collected by the Company,” in a way that it cannot be perused or utilized for other reasons.
For children under the age of 14, their legal representative holds the right to inquire of or modify the personal information of the child and withdraw collection and agreements.
■ Install and Use of Automatic Personal Information Collectors and on Refusing Them
The Company runs such things as “cookies” that saves and looks up your information anytime. A “cookie” refers to a minuscule text file the server sends to your browser to manage the site that is to be saved at your own computer’s disk.

The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.

  • - The purpose of using cookies and their sorts
    Provision of targeted marketing or tailored service through: analyzing of the access frequency or time of members and nonmembers; figuring out the taste and areas of interest of the users and their trace; understanding of the degree of participating in various events and times of visit. You hold the right to choose whether to install the cookies or not.
    Thus, you, by setting it up via your web browser, may allow all the cookies, request your confirmation whenever a cookie is to be saved, or refuse cookies entirely.
  • - How to refuse the setting of the cookies
    To refuse the setting of the cookies, you may allow all the cookies, request your confirmation whenever a cookie is to be saved, or refuse cookies entirely through the setting of the web browser of your choice.
  • - How to set up
    Example (for Internet Explorer): Tool (at the top of the browser) > Internet Option > Personal Information
    However, if you refuse to install cookies, there might be difficulties in the provision of the services.
■ Requests Regarding Personal Information

The Company, protect your personal information and deal with the complaints about personal information, has designated the related department and the person in charge of the management of the personal information as follows:

  • Department in Charge of the Customer Service

    Department Title: Technology Research Center
    Telephone: +82) 02–2135–6370

  • Person in Charge of the Management of the Personal Information

    Name: Lee Younghun, Full-time Researcher
    Telephone: +82) 02–2135–6370

You can make any request about personal information upon using the service of the Company to the person in charge of the management of the personal information or the department in charge.
The Company will provide you with a swift and sufficient answer to your request.

For other reports or consultations for personal information violations, please contact the organizations below:

  • Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee: +82) 1833-6972 (
  • Personal Information Violation Report Center: +82) 118, (
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Unit of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office: +82) 1301, (
  • Cyber Bureau of the National Police Agency: +82) 182, (